What’s next?

When I graduated this past spring my biggest uncertainty and doubt was exactly that.

What’s next? Where will I perform? Will I ever sing again?

In school there was always something next: the next opera, the next audition, the next recital, the next class. But now that I am an aspiring singer there is no guarantee, and the only way of having something next is to go out and find it.

So, over the past few months that is what I have done: sent emails, made connections, and auditioned. I am very blessed to say that there is something next! I will performing the role of Sam in Trouble in Tahiti with Operaverse. This inaugural event is a community outreach program in celebration of National Opera Week. Check it out over on my new events page.

I am also very blessed to say that there are more things coming that I am hoping to announce soon! Stay tuned…


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